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Joy of Giving

The Joy of Giving

Children are the future of our species. It is our job, as adults, to pass along a greener world than when we arrived. Making things better instead of worse by  harmonizing the energies of the world will accomplish this task. There is too much 'war on everything', so let's think peace instead. Let's just go ahead and be peace. Life is much more satisfying and abundant when we are peaceful. 

Kids have enough of a go of it just being kids. But when they get sick, it is truly heartbreaking. That is why twice a year we collect toys for the kids in the paediatrics ward. Last year, we gave over thirty presents to the kids and that made their stay a little less daunting. I am blessed in that all six of my grandkids are well. See photos below.

People are hungry. At Aura Wellness Centre, we do a food drive twice a year. Please remember to buy extra canned and dry goods to give to your local 'Share Society' or whatever it is called in your area. Thank you.

Empower people around the world with a $25.00 loan.


Though I've had a career as a singer/entertainer for 18 years then a credit & collections person for 23 years, I've also been an entrepreneur most of my adult life. I like working for myself while helping others. People everywhere feel the same way I do. KIVA International gives micro loans to entrepreneurs around the world. I contribute to KIVA to give a hand up not a hand out. As of this writing in Nov 2011, everyone has repaid or is repaying his or her loan. 

To that end, I pledge 5% of my annual income from perfume sales and I will go to KIVA's site and make the donation at year end. You can feel a part of this joy of giving with every bottle of perfume you purchase. You can also go give $25.00 and get hooked on giving as I have. Thank you from all of us.

We all thank you.

Lyn and Norman Ayre and 

        Rick                 Clint               Alex 

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 Courtenay          Cassidy                Liam

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Joy Mar 2010.jpg (209614 bytes)Furry Friends

This is our little Poodle (with some spaniel) Joy S. Ayre. She is a wonderful little dog and we love her a lot. If you have some furry friends that you love, consider giving a donation to your local Animal Shelter. There's always some way we can help and be in service to others.



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