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Coeur d'Esprit Natural Perfumes

Animal Essences

We are the Only Supplier of these natural animal Tinctures located in Canada

They are used as fixatives and as base notes in Natural Perfume but not Botanical Perfume.

Perfumes which contain animal essences are not Vegan.

Animal Essences for website.jpg (188007 bytes) Ambergris, Honey Beeswax, and Hyraceum Tincture 

We also create and sell our very own Ocean Tincture


Hyraceum/African Stone

Honey beeswax 

The Four Elements

Ocean Tincture

My Process


Customer Comments: 

"Hi, Lyn, I just wanted to let you know that all of the samples and the perfume arrived safely on Monday--and what a divine scent emanated from the package before I even opened anything! I feel like I have hit the jackpot here; I really like everything! I'll try to give you some more detailed feedback later on. And the Ambergris is amazing--very delicate. I don't think I had a very clear idea of what it was going to smell like and am looking forward to playing around with it. I was very curious about the hyraceum too, and the first whiff out of the vial seemed to fit in with what you might expect from an animal's excretion. It will be fun to see what I can do with it." RO, Spain


"Wow! Lyn, I can't believe the aroma of these Animal Essences. A drop of Ambergris on my arm blooms into an array of scent molecules, which pleases my nose, no end. The Honey Beeswax is very subtle, aromatically, but a great fixative. The Hyraceum is as I thought it would be and I really appreciate it when I use it with Jasmine, Neroli, and Orange Blossom. I appreciate you, too, for taking the time to bring these to the marketplace. I'll be ordering more, so get tincturing!" ST, France


"Wow, Lyn. I've just received your Ocean, Hyraceum, and Ambergris Tinctures and I am not disappointed. This material is so wonderful to smell, so complex, and amazing to work with in my perfumes. Thank you very much, dear Lyn." RR, USA


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sperm whale.jpg (30070 bytes) Sperm Whale Physeter macrocephalus catodon

Where does Ambergris come from?
Ambergris is ethically beach-harvested, being found washed up on the beach or floating on the ocean. It is sometimes called flotsam (natural debris that floats on the ocean) and it is lighter than water. The colour is white, grey (gris), black, and tan, and it is very lightweight, a fact that surprised me. It is a substance that is created in the gut of a sperm whale and is said to be due to an irritation caused by indigestible parts of the squid it feeds on. It is released and floats upon the ocean for eons being washed and cured by sea, salt, time, and wind. It is commercially quite expensive and just a couple of grams will cost about a hundred dollars. 

I use Ambergris to add the Water element to my perfumes.

Ambergris Tincture process (1).JPG (45848 bytes)   Ambergris Tincture process.JPG (31187 bytes)             
Weights and Measures
I weighed out 5 grams of the Ambergris stone and set it aside. I used a blue bottle and filled it with 95 ml of perfumers’ alcohol. This gave me an end-product at a 5% dilution rate. This product is not edible.

Ambergris Tincture process (2).JPG (26071 bytes)    

The ProcessI used a clean (and dedicated for this use) coffee-bean grinder and ground the stone to a powder. The aroma was divine and very unexpected. I thought it may smell rank and overtly-animalic but it was sweet and delicate, though very tenacious and long-lasting. This powder was carefully over-turned onto a wax paper and then gently sent through a funnel and into the bottle of alcohol. All the items used in the process were swirled and washed with 5 ml of alcohol and even that was saved in a dropper bottle.

Ambergris Tincture process (4).JPG (83404 bytes)

The aging process required was 12 months. My precious bottle of Ambergris Tincture was labelled and placed in the top cupboard to mature. It has been maturing since May 2007 and I'm ready to sell it. I have new batches that I made in 2009 and will be making another batch this year 2012.


What does it do for perfumes?
Ambergris acts as a fixative adding brilliance and lift to a perfume formulation. It has been suggested to me to use a couple of drops in an ounce to get the desired effect.


Ambergris 2.jpg (221048 bytes)  

I've saved a small piece  of the tan Ambergris so I can continue to enjoy the sweet aroma as well as use it as an educational tool to show my students. It is wrapped in cotton and stored in a wooden unvarnished box, kept in a cool and dark place. Each colour has produced a slightly different aroma but always with that sweet, powdery note and fixative quality.


Grey Ambergris NZ.jpg (486993 bytes)    White Ambergris NZ.jpg (159282 bytes)

Grey Ambergris White Ambergris


Ambergris website.jpg (70957 bytes) 10 ml bottle of tinctured Ambergris $85.00 plus shipping and handling to your location in Canada or the US. Please inquire via email with your full address and I will send you a PayPal invoice to pay. lynayre@telus.net 

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Hyraceum/African Stone

Rock Hyrax.jpg (130741 bytes) Rock Hyrax Procavia capensis

Where does it come from?

It is created in and excreted by the Rock Hyrax who lives in South Africa; the African Stone is used as a traditional medicine for the people in that country. Over millennia, it has been fossilized. It is tinctured into 190 proof Perfumers' alcohol and so is rendered sterile.


From Wiki: The material hardens and ages until it becomes a fairly sterile, rock-like material (also referred to as "Africa Stone") that contains compounds giving it an animal, deeply complex fermented scent that combines the elements of musk, castoreum, civet, tobacco, and agarwood. The material is harvested without disturbing the animals by digging strata of the brittle, resinous, irregular, blackish-brown stone; because animals are not harmed in its harvesting it is often an ethical substitute for deer musk, which requires killing  the animal. 


The Process


Hyraceum tincture.JPG (48659 bytes)    

I received 12 grams of raw hyraceum. It didn’t look like much in the bag but it has created a wonderful product, and I wanted to let you know how that was accomplished.


Hyraceum tincture (1).JPG (19439 bytes)    

I use waxed paper on the counter so it is easy to collect any ambient powder. Then I measured this chuck on the scale to ensure proper dilution ratio.

Hyraceum tincture (4).JPG (30225 bytes)    Hyraceum tincture (5).JPG (23043 bytes)

I ground the stone to a medium fine powder and dumped onto the waxed paper then funnelled it into a measuring cup.

Hyraceum tincture (6).JPG (35774 bytes) 

I measured out 188 ml of perfumer's alcohol, into which I put the powder. It immediately went a lovely red/brown colour with the typical elephant patty/wild grassy aroma… very earthy and animalic. This gave me an end-product at a 6% dilution rate. This product is not edible.   

Done this way, it’s only used in perfumery. It adds an animalic zing and zest to perfume that is wonderful. It has been said to have an aroma somewhere between civet and castoreum. 

I just wanted to mention here that now Civet is being gathered without hurting the animal. About Castorium - in Canada, our beavers are routinely culled and the parts that create castoreum are discarded. There are some who feel 'why not use this material'. At the moment, I'm truly not sure where I stand on this topic. For the Hyraceum, the product has long since been separated from the animal that created it and has been rendered pure over the eons and in the alcohol.

I left this tincture to mature in a cool dark cupboard for at least a year. Each day, I shake it for a minute or two so the alcohol has an opportunity to touch each grain of hyraceum and ensure that all the qualities of it are precipitated into the alcohol. This product has been aging since May 2007. A few drops in your perfume formula will fix and ground the scent. 

I use Hyraceum Tincture to add the Earth element to my perfume creations. I would place Civet in the Earth category also. For the Castoreum, it would be in the Water category. 

Hyraceum website.jpg (70020 bytes) 10 ml bottle of tinctured Hyraceum $30.00 plus shipping and handling to your location in Canada or the US. Please inquire via email with your full address and I will send you a PayPal invoice to pay. lynayre@telus.net 

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Honeybee Comb Tincture

Honeybees Apis Mellifera

TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK - please check back in six months as I'm beginning my tincture now...


I have a very limited quantity of this lovely product in 10 ml bottles, which adds the Air element to perfumes. Please inquire via email with your full address. Although it is slightly sticky straight out of the bottle, when you use ie: three drops of tincture in 5 ml of alcohol, it is fine. Since it is an alcohol tincture, it won't mix with oil-based perfumes. The product is softly scented, very clear, and light yellow.  


Honey Beeswax website.jpg (73015 bytes) 10 ml bottle of tinctured Honey Beeswax $30.00 plus shipping and handling to your location in Canada or the US. Please inquire via email with your full address and I will send you a PayPal invoice to pay. lynayre@telus.net 


Please read my blog post about the process here: http://coeurdespritnaturalperfume.blogspot.com/search/label/Beeswax%20Tincture 


The Sun.jpg (103341 bytes) The element of Fire comes from the Sun, which cures these animal essences and renders them purified.


The Four Elements in a perfume


Alchemy water symbol.svg Water - cohesion - or balance in a perfume

Alchemy earth symbol.svg Earth - solidity - or character in a perfume

Alchemy air symbol.svg Air - expansion - or diffusion in a perfume

Alchemy fire symbol.svg Fire - heat - or tenacity in a perfume

Ocean Tincture  

Ocean Tincture (3).JPG (136508 bytes) A combination of sand, sea grass, seaweed, and shells 

Right out of our Blue Pacific Ocean comes my incredible Ocean Tincture. Enjoy this wonderful scent of the sea anytime. Ocean Tincture is a unique way to add fresh ozone and salty sea notes to perfumes. Adds a watery juiciness to the perfume. Note the gorgeous green colour. This batch is from Parksville, BC and has been aging since October 2011. Not for internal use as created in 190 proof Perfumers' denatured alcohol. 

10 ml bottle of tinctured Ocean Tincture $15.00 plus shipping and handling to your location in Canada or the US. Please inquire via email with your full address and I will send you a PayPal invoice to pay. lynayre@telus.net 


As with all of my product, I infuse it with Love, Light, and Laughter; place in the bottom of the Ancient Tibetan Bowls, surrounded by crystals and covered with colour. 

This practice ensures the product is for the highest good of the wearer and the designer. 

Love Lyn


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